SharePoint Best Practices

When you work with TechField to get the most out of your SharePoint installation, you can rest assured that our Microsoft Certified consultants employ Microsoft Best Practices.  This makes for a seamless transition from legacy systems, while also ensuring that due diligence is taken to minimize down time and to enhance performance.

Capacity planning focuses on the size and scope of the SharePoint environment.  It will factor in the number of users, the required hardware and access points.  Given that there are SharePoint installations that accommodate as few as two users, as well as ones offering access to hundreds of thousands, it is crucial to understand the needs and desired functionality as a first step.

Installing SharePoint is a good bit more challenging than just inserting a disk into a machine and clicking install.  Our MSCE’s will account for administrative requirements, file system and sharing permissions, registry updates, service accounts, XML configuration, and workflow setup.  They will also set up any required development environments, install any needed language packs and adjust installation as needed for server farms or single server options.

Upgrade and Migration are similar but not identical concepts in SharePoint.  An upgrade would focus on moving from an older version of SharePoint to the current version.  A migration could include moving content and functionality from a single server environment to a server farm, or going from a basic SharePoint Foundation version to a SharePoint Server version.  It could also mean moving from a competing system into a SharePoint environment.

In all cases, TechField’s MCSE team will work to minimize downtime and to ensure that no content is lost or corrupted in the transition from the old to the new.

Your Infrastructure can have a significant impact on your SharePoint system.  You may have all of your people in one location, and have no need for remote access.  Or yours may be a virtual organization, with team members scattered across many remote locations.  TechField understands that, and will work to develop a plan that reflects your unique needs.

Backup and Recovery is a crucial need that often gets short shrift until it is too late.  When every aspect of your business relies on your SharePoint system to get the job done, clearly you need to ensure that your data is backed up regularly and that it can be recovered after a disaster.

Fire, floods and corporate espionage can all be mitigated with a solid backup and recovery program for SharePoint.  TechField has extensive knowledge of the best practices in this area and will advise you on how best to apply them to your business.

The Databases are a key component of your SharePoint installation.  All of your content will be stored and accessed in your database which can range from as small as 100 megabytes to more than a Terabyte of data.  Beyond the content, aspects like Web apps, Web Parts, Templates, Location Requirements and a host of other items are stored in a variety of databases.  You can trust TechField to configure and fine tune your database needs to optimize performance and to prevent data loss and downtime.

Implementation and Maintenance of SharePoint will be crucial steps in your success with SharePoint.  TechField will install and configure SharePoint and any required components, and we can also be tasked with maintaining your installation to ensure that updates and security components are applied as needed.

Applications – Just as important as properly configuring your SharePoint environment will be the development and delivery of any required custom applications or adding in existing Web Parts.  Before we move to code any applications, TechField will develop an action plan to better understand what is needed, and what resources will be impacted.

Daily Use of your SharePoint environment is really at the heart of all of this.  We’ll work with your team to develop the right taxonomy and to be sure that the most relevant items are presented to users via navigation and search.

Debugging and Troubleshooting issues that appear as the SharePoint site is created and coded allows TechField MCSEs to resolve conflicts, search abnormalities and to repair workflow and alert errors.

Farms – Large organizations often need a SharePoint environment that spans multiple servers.  Such a group of servers is commonly referred to as a server farm.  Deploying SharePoint across a server farm requires a deep understanding of database connections and to establish permission parameters to ensure that different aspects of SharePoint can talk to each other as needed, while other elements are secured.  With TechField MCSEs managing your SharePoint installation, migration or upgrade, you can rest assured that you will experience minimal disruptions.

Accessibility – As organizations grow larger, there tends to be an increase in users with disabilities within the user-base that could be limited in their ability to utilize SharePoint fully.  As such, TechField SharePoint experts can configure a number of different presentation options for those with vision or hearing disabilities.

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