SharePoint Workflow

Your Workflow probably already exists in some form. Unfortunately it is probably a manual process rife with potential for crucial items to be delayed due to a missed email or stacks of papers piling up on someone’s desk.

It doesn’t have to be this way. TechField SharePoint Experts can work with you to move your manual processes into SharePoint. There, events and actions can be triggered and alerts sent to the relevant people as needed.

Even better, when one aspect of the Workflow is blocked, an alternate path to completion of a process can be engaged. For example, should the CFO be out of the country, the Controller could approve a transaction or sign off on a contract.

With SharePoint and a customized series of Workflows which echoes your organizational needs, you’ll see productivity and efficiency increase dramatically. Results improve, morale grows high and resources are saved. Sound interesting? Contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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