SharePoint Governance

SharePoint is a powerful collaboration tool which can greatly enhance productivity.  But with that power there comes some risk as to what items are available to what users or groups of users.  It also can dictate what items need to be backed up and at what frequency, as some items are far more critical than may be others.

TechField’s Microsoft Certified Solutions Experts understand the need for effective SharePoint Governance, and they understand that each organization will have different needs.  In general terms, TechField works to apply the following governance to SharePoint Software and Services.

Security, Infrastructure and Web Application Policies

This covers your infrastructure and systems and typically covers users and access policies.  That could include the maximum file size for uploads, as well as acceptable file formats.

Site Policies

Control site proliferation with site policies.  SharePoint admins can ensure that out of date information or sections of a SharePoint site are closed or deleted at a specific time.  If desired, any Exchange mailboxes associated with the site can be deleted in tandem with the site in question.  This allows for a cleaner infrastructure and keeps out of date information from negatively impacting your users.

Data Protection and Backup

The best data protection is usually one that is done automatically.  People tend to forget about it until it is too late.  With an automated plan in place, it can be relatively easy to recover from a disaster, and to ensure that core business files are backed up at set intervals.


Tired of deleting large legacy files that are taking up too much server space?  Use quotas to ensure that only files under a certain size are able to be stored in your system.  Say goodbye to those 25 Megabyte Photoshop files that marketing keeps uploading, and keep your SharePoint site running at high efficiency.

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