SharePoint On Premise Deployment

SharePoint is a platform designed to help businesses and organizations collaborate more effectively. This collaboration can be internal, with only employees gaining access, or it can include trusted partners, vendors, contractors and customers via secured portal access points. It is most often tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, it presents key information and documents to users that are relevant to their tasks and permissions levels.

With over 78% of Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint, it has become an industry standard. Organizations use SharePoint for intranet portals, document & file management, collaboration, social networks, extranets, websites, enterprise search, and business intelligence. It can be customized to reflect an organizations brand standards as much as it can be to reflect specific operational needs via the use of Web Parts.

Secure SharePoint with an On Premises Deployment

When security and privacy are a paramount concern, an On Premises deployment may be the best choice for your organization no matter the number of users. This is because you can have a complete SharePoint environment deployed and choose to have absolutely no visibility or access via the Internet.

This means that your data, your documents and your other critical resources are absolutely secure from hackers, viruses and trojans delivered from the Internet.

Purchasing SharePoint for On-Premises Deployment

SharePoint may have an interface that shares some visual cues with Microsoft Office, but it is a far more complicated solution which typically requires some level of professional expertise to install, configure and deploy at your location. This is why so many organizations turn to TechField to deploy, configure and manage SharePoint.

As your organizational needs may be wildly different than might be another’s, it is difficult to precisely determine the exact cost of any On-Premises deployment. TechField is pleased to offer a free, no obligation, initial phone consultation to determine your needs, number of users and timelines in order to provide you with rough idea of your pricing options.

Additionally, we can also discuss the pros and cons of a Cloud Hosted SharePoint Solution if On Premises is not a viable option for your organization.

Sound like a plan? Contact TechField to get started with SharePoint.

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