Turbocharge your business processes – with SharePoint

By March 21, 2014 SharePoint No Comments

Many companies and organizations are using Microsoft SharePoint for its intended purpose – collaboration.  The idea that teams can work collectively on documents, share data and reduce repetitive or redundant tasks was always at the core of the product.

But as TechField SharePoint Consultants will be happy to tell you, SharePoint is a foundation upon which you can build some unique and powerful solutions.  We came across a great case in point on the CMS Wire website: RackSpace, developed a solution to leverage SharePoint to streamline its onboarding process of new employees.

Even better, since Rackspace uses SharePoint across all aspects of its business, it is a fantastic opportunity to not only highlight elements like Human Resources policies, company history, culture and the like, but it also exposes these new employees to SharePoint from day one.

By the end of their week of orientation, the new Rackspace troops will not only know what each department does and how they interface with each other, they will also be ready to leverage SharePoint as productive employees as soon as they wrap orientation.

So, how does your organization leverage your SharePoint investment?  If it is just to share documents maybe it is time to look at your operations and determine where you can better leverage SharePoint.

Let us know what you are thinking – we’d love to get your feedback below.