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Garnish More Site Storage through SharePoint Online

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Microsoft has unveiled several changes to their Office 365 software system. Two of the changes will help SharePoint Consultants and administrators with storage capacities, a problem that’s been plaguing many of our TechField consultanshare_pointts. With changes coming to SharePoint Online, administrators are allowed more flexibility to SharePoint websites and within Microsoft Office 365. So what are some of the new improvements that you can expect?

What you can expect

Administrators can now allocate more space throughout SharePoint sites without having to worry about slowing down bandwidth. By having more storage space, administrators can now distribute the storage space throughout the SharePoint network through a “push-button” feature that allows them to change from a manual to automatic management system. With the manual feature on, administrators will be able to set a pre-defined amount of storage. The auto feature allows the SharePoint sites to manage themselves, and add or subtract from the storage space amount left on your Office 365 domain.

Lastly, you are now able to create more SharePoint sites within your 365 domain, increasing from 10,000 to 500,000.

Who Does this Effect?

Changes are effective for Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3 and E4; Education A2, A3 and A4; Government G1, G3 and G4 as well as Midsize Businesses.

Don’t stress about these changes, contact us today and let our SharePoint Specialists help your company adjust to these updates.

SharePoint’s Yammer Embedded in Office 365 with Document Conversations

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Microsoft announced an impressive enterprise social media integration at the 2014 SharePoint Conference that should serve to enhance productivity for Office 365 users. Microsoft is calling this feature “Document Conversations”.

Document Conversations leverages the power of Yammer to allow users to share ideas and input on a document without leaving the application. Of course,482236845 since this is powered by Yammer, users can join a conversation via anywhere a Yammer feed is embedded.

This is how Microsoft describes it on their Office Blog:

Here’s how document conversations work. When you open a file in your browser from your cloud store, you see the file on the left with a contextual Yammer conversation in a pane on the right. You can collapse and expand the Yammer pane as needed.

You can do more than join in a conversation from the Yammer pane. You can also post a message, @mention your coworkers, and publish to a Yammer group—either public or private.

Document conversations are easy to join in Yammer as well. If you’re working in Yammer, you’ll see a threaded conversation in the group the post was published in with an icon that enables you to open the file from the cloud location where it lives. The Yammer conversations about files are visible to users in the group but only users who have permission to view or edit the file can open it.

To get a better feel for what this will look like in practice, you may wish to view this short video:

So what do you think? Will this help or hurt productivity? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.